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Most of our members ride road bikes, as our routes are on paved surfaces. A few members use hybrid bikes, however if you plan to do the longer, faster rides, you will probably want a road bike. For the benefit of all riders, please ensure that your bike is in good working order. Please bring water bottles, a snack, spare inner tube, air pump and change for refreshments at our scheduled rest stops.

A helmet, bike bell, speedometer, and a rear light are mandatory equipment. Kickstands, Aero Bars, and Headphones are not allowed. Front lights are not required as LCC tours are typically in the daylight hours, though it is encouraged as an additional safety measure. Cycling shoes with clips are strongly encouraged. Recumbent bikes are allowed.


For Saturday and Sunday events there are three to four touring groups. The groups are formed based on average speed and distance. Use the following as a guide:

Group Name Average Speed (km/h) Uphill Speed (km/h) Ride Distance (km)
Short 18 – 25 10 – 15 40 – 70
Medium Short 23 – 28 15 – 18 60 – 90
Medium Long 26 – 32 18 – 20 75 – 110
Long 28+ 20 – 25 75 – 140

Tours typically last from 2 to 5 hours.
When choosing a group based on riding speed, it is important to know your average speed. The best way of knowing this is to have a speedometer on your bike. Cycling skills do vary within the club, but at a minimum it is recommended that a rider should be able to maintain an average pace of 20 km/h for a 45 km ride.
The LCC rides in groups, in single and double pacelines. When riding in a group, safety and predictability are more important than speed. Having a sense of comfort in riding with others is important for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.
Participants are asked to meet 15 minutes before the start of the ride.
Please read the Members Handbook for more information relating to group riding, including riding in a paceline.

Weather Conditions

In the interest of safety, all cycling tours are dependent on weather conditions. Tours will not be held if current weather conditions consist of snow, rain or fog, if there is a 70% + chance of rain, or if a thunderstorm watch or severe weather alert is in place. To determine the possibility of precipitation, London Cycling Club encourages you to click on The Weather Network - London


Members are required to know the route they plan on riding that given day. For each ride, members should print out the route map, have a turn by turn direction sheet, or download the maps onto their personal GPS device or cell phone. In the event that members get separated from the main group on any ride, they will be able to continue on the route and return to the finishing point of the ride independently.
If you need help getting the Maps onto your GPS? Click here


Tours are planned such that the groups take a break around halfway through the ride, typically at a restaurant or cafe, though sometimes we simply stop at a variety store. Sometimes there may be a community event on our route and we try to support those by taking our break there.
Breaks are usually kept to 20-30 minutes in length, which is ample time to eat something, refill water bottles, use the restrooms, apply sunscreen, as well as socialize with fellow riders. If you wish to shorten the break, either to ride back with an earlier arriving group or to ride back alone, please notify your group of this. 

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