How to Copy Maps to GPS

To download a map/route/gps file from the LCC website onto your GPS device is a 3 stage process.

Stage 1 Choose your route.
Stage 2 Download the route onto your PC.
Stage 3 Move the route onto your GPS device.

Stage 0
Connect your GPS Device to your laptop/PC USB port.
Go make a cup of tea or pour a beer.

Stage 1
1) Open the LCC website (and marvel at the wonderful website!) and choose the route you wish to ride on the Club Tours page.
2) Click on the Short/Medium/Long ride link you wish to ride eg New Sarum 92k
This will open a new browser window in the RideWithGPS website.

Stage 2
3) In the new window Click on Export (far right near the top)
4) Click on GPX Track (middle screen on the right)
5) Click on Ok to Save File.
You now have a GPS file saved on your PC in your /downloads directory.

Stage 3
Now we need to move that file onto your GPS device.

6) Open windows File Explorer and click on the downloads directory.
7) Highlight the route with a mouse click (eg Week 12 Medium Short etc) and then right click and choose Copy.
8) On the left of the windows File Explorer window highlight your GPS device (eg Garmin 200)
9) Double click on the New Files directory in the GPS Device (eg Garmin)
10) Right click and choose Paste to copy the GPS file into your GPS New File directory.

Now you can unplug your GPS from the PC and next time you switch on the GPS device your LCC route will be uploaded into the Courses menu on your GPS device. Goto the Courses area on your GPS device and select the ride.