London Cycling Club
Ride with the LCC, see the Membership page to join .... LCC Club Tours every Saturday and Sunday mornings, check the Club Tours Page for details!

Welcome to the London Cycling Club!

The London Cycling Club is a volunteer-based non-profit organization for recreational bicycling based in London, Ontario, Canada. We have been in operation since 1971, we value the health, lifestyle and social aspects of cycling.

Our season is from April to October but we welcome new members at any time of the year! See the About Us and Membership pages to learn about our weekly Tours and Rides and for information on how to join us.

In the season we have tours every Saturday and Sunday. On a Saturday we have a single Tour and the pace is chosen to suit everyone riding that day. On a Sunday we have 3, 4 or some weeks 5 Tours each of a different distance and we form into groups according to pace/speed ability's of riders.

Members also enjoy social events (see Calendar Page) including a monthly Pub Meet where additional future informal rides and tours are often arranged and organised.
Come ride with us!
Happy Cycling!

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