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LCC Velodrome Track 1 session .... come ride the indoor track with other LCC members on Oct 22nd 12-2pm .... $35 with bike rental and track training included .... the track is your best place for winter training and its great fun .... so much better than spin/gym classes! .... the track teaches you better bike handling skills while giving you a great work-out .... any LCC member has the basic fitness required to ride the track so don't miss this great opportunity to ride one of only 5 indoor Velodromes in NA .... come ride the track with us! email for more info

London Cycling Club Safety advice and policy

Important Safety Information and Downloads

Bicycle Rider The London Cycling Club values and respects safety on all our rides and all Members are required to follow all road transport laws and customs on all club rides.

For example all club members must wear helmets, gloves and cycling shoes. Red lights and stop signs must be respected.

For more information please read the following documents.

LCC Membership Handbook

LCC Risk Management Plan

Our Bullying and Harassment Policy is here:-
LCC Bullying and Harassment Policy

For more info or advice on any cycling safety issue please contact us at:-