London Cycling Club
Ride with the LCC, see the Membership page to join .... LCC Club Tours every Saturday and Sunday mornings, check the Club Tours Page for details!

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2019 Online Registration available here now.

Membership The London Cycling Club welcomes new members and you may sign up and join anytime from now to the end of October using the link below. All members must read and understand the Members Handbook, Risk Management Policy, and Bylaws and Policies Manual prior to signing up.

All London Cycling Club members must also have valid OCA Insurance and this is available to purchase when you sign up for club membership.

OCA Affiliated Insurance is administered through the Cycling Canada National Insurance Program. Members can click on the link to identify what this policy covers.

The London Cycling Club does not offer refunds nor does it offer pro-rated membership fees. The London Cycling Club also does not accept cheques for membership payment and the only way to join is by using the link below.

With an LCC membership, you will receive weekly communication emails and are allowed to join the LCC's Facebook page.

Due to strict Ontario Cycling Association (OCA) insurance requirements, all participants are required to sign a waiver (online) when they join.

If you are a member of another OCA Affiliated Club then you can ride with us but you must be able to prove that you have current, valid OCA Insurance at the start of the ride.